A tiny nation called the Netherlands is located in Western Europe between Belgium and Germany. The Netherlands is constantly battered by the North Sea, which is to their north and west. The Netherlands is smaller than West Virginia but bigger than the state of Maryland.
God created the Earth, but the Dutch created Holland, goes the Dutch proverb. If the Dutch had not built walls to safeguard their territory, the North Sea would have wiped away the Netherlands. The Dutch have constructed several canals, dams, dikes, and pumping stations over the years to hold back the sea and rivers.
The low, flat area is currently protected from the North Sea by more than 1,491 miles (2,400 kilometres) of dikes, with about half of it below sea level. 65 percent of the nation would be under water every day without the current dikes.

Study in Netherlands

One of the most popular destinations in Europe for international students is the Netherlands. With some of the best universities in the world, a cutting-edge approach to education, and a friendly atmosphere, it makes sense. The Netherlands was the first country in Europe to implement the Bachelor/Master system and provide degree programmes in English. One of the widest variety of courses on the continent has resulted from this. Around 70 higher education institutions provide a wide variety of Bachelor's and Master's degrees.
A sizable group of international students is another thing to anticipate: students from more than 112,000 different countries. One of the highest percentages in all of Europe is the 16% of total students who are international.
Universities in Holland are frequently categorised as either "research universities," giving more academic programmes focused on research, or "universities of applied sciences," offering more study programmes focused on practical application.

Life in Netherlands

The Netherlands offers an exceptional quality of life, and expats who relocate here rarely look back. Its cities are cosmopolitan and culturally diverse, its landscapes are beautiful and asking to be explored, and its people are welcoming and friendly.

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