Welcome to CHINA!

China has the world's third largest land area, the world's third largest river (the Yangtze), and the world's largest population. It has been the focus of international attention for the past two decades due to its fastest growing economies. It has the world's oldest civilization. Its history, oldest culture, beautiful natural scenery, and world-renowned location draw international students.

Every year, over three million students are warmly welcomed to study here. In comparison to other countries, the cost of living and education is lower. It is mandatory to learn a local language in order to understand culture and knowledge; it is also necessary from a professional standpoint.
Famous cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Guangzhou.

General Requirements

Those who are considering studying in China as international students can understand the general requirements of studying abroad in China.

Study in China

China has a high-quality education system, and obtaining a British qualification is well-regarded worldwide.

Life in China

China is a multicultural society with a reputation for tolerance and diversity, and it is one of the safest countries in the world.

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